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    "sino ba kasi nagsabi bawal ang child labor? ok, sabi ng UN. e, pero bakit pag-aartista at pagmomodel pwede? pagiging circus performer pwede din sa bata. pagiging child athlete pwede din. Although GLAMORIZED AND GLORIFIED, HINDI BA LABOR DIN UN? MGA UNGAS KAYO. Bawal daw ang child labor, pero as long as CHILD GENIUS ka or SPECIAL CHILD ka, pwede ka magbenta ng ARTWORK or GENIUSWORK. ano ba talaga, tanga lang ba tlga ko umintindi ng policies or ang UN ang tanga?"
    — 1 week ago
    "ecological crisis stems from a metaphysical crisis"
    — 1 week ago
    state-led child rearing

    Nuclear family as a social unit is obsolete.  It has become a mere consumption module.

    Children can hardly reach their full potential because of limited financial, cultural and intellectual resources of a common family or are burdened by the psychological clutter and emotional hang-ups of parents, siblings and relatives.

    I believe in Spartan child-rearing for girls and boys

    Children at a very young age can be re-organized into camps or collectives accordingly to their talents and inclinations.

    Children should be active and productive citizens with their full rights intact as young citizens and leaders.

    The Nazis were right on that track, although I prefer the Rudolf Steiner method. I think it is essential to train children in basic survival and defense skills.

    Survival skills where children learn about science and nature. Defense skills where they learn about moral education and ethics.

    Barbie, GI Joe and Transformers can be squeezed in during lunch breaks.

    — 1 week ago


    My custom toys and mixed media sculptures

    — 2 weeks ago with 425 notes

    angelina jolie is a pop star who can’t sing and dance. she is a walking billboard, or human skin canvas for that matter, of cultural references printed as personal statements

    — 2 weeks ago
    Filipino scholars, quit your NWO paranoia

    New World Order this and New World Order that. Filipino students are so absorbed in this. For me, it seems like NWO geoengineering conspiracy rumors were the product of oil-producing Christian Republican’s black propaganda against the Liberal Democrats’ info and environmental technocracy.

    Not that I have anything against Christian Republicans and not that I have anything in favor of Liberal Democrats… We are Filipinos, remember! We are not Americans! 

    Enough with the eye and the triangle, please.

    — 3 weeks ago